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  1. I challenge paper exe to a pointless debate
  2. 28 months later (at risk of suckage)
  3. Group of 5th graders have sex in front of elementary students
  4. Pirates of the Carribean 3 Trailer
  5. Grindhouse opinions?
  6. Authorization Required??? - Forum acting weird?
  7. Good guitar solos?
  8. happy birthday Chronos!
  9. forums are down, and im all alone
  10. Any problems with the forums since Easter?
  11. The official desktop thread 2
  12. Happy birthday, burpingcat
  13. Look at this
  14. Metal Gear Solid:Philantrophy (fanmade movie teaser)
  15. Wheres Alucard!
  16. So now all 3 next gen systems are out in all 3 regions
  17. 2007= the year of movies
  18. RIP Kurt Vonnegut
  19. Happy Birthday, Catharsis!
  20. totally Owned
  21. Google suggests best way to get from New York to London.
  22. Bill Cosby/ FFVII
  23. Happy birthday, Pikachief
  24. Shooting in a US university
  25. magicbox trying to open google.htm
  26. You get vaseline!
  27. Who listens to Live tracks?
  28. Happy birthday, Alexander
  29. DVD Collection
  30. Suggestions for Asian Movies?
  31. funny blogs
  32. Happy birthday Escaflowne2001
  33. A Night in Fantasia 2007
  34. Happy 4 way b-day
  35. Dracula (Castlevania): Perfect Music Selection - Porno Castlevania
  37. NASA shooting
  38. Yeltsin kicks the bucket
  39. First Image of Joker from The Dark Knight
  40. Should rappers clean up their language?
  41. Paprika
  42. Michael Buble's Everything MTV @ Youtube
  43. Ok guys I need your help with a song
  44. Ecuador: "Pay us or we'll cut down the rainforest"
  45. Spider-man 3: yay or nay
  46. Kansas Mall shooting
  47. Racial segregation considered in Sweden
  48. Happy Bday, ChillVirus
  49. Jerusalem_life was the best member ever.
  50. Northeastmonk is the unsung weirdo of The-Magicbox
  51. Nazi Robot Attack
  52. World of Warcraft player gets beaten up for being a dick
  53. WB option Frank Miller's "Ronin"...hire useless director to helm it
  54. Prince pans poor Paris
  55. Obama campaign appropriates Myspace page from supporter
  56. Gun threat at my school
  57. Uwe Boll's Postal might actually be a good movie
  58. Student in trouble for creating a Counterstrike map of his school
  59. Paris Hilton going to jail
  60. Student stabs duck and her two ducklings to death with pencil.
  61. how do you stop ppl from stealing pics on myspace?
  62. Is the greatest economic takeoff in history about to begin?
  63. Happy birthday, eastx
  64. Seeing Roger Waters Tonight
  65. Forum running a tad slow
  66. A Machine To Make 3 Hours Of Sleep Feel Like 8!
  67. Women, know your limits
  68. Issues I have with message boards....
  69. Happy Birthday Naoko Suki!!
  70. Spiderman's new home?
  71. Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter 3, he finally made another one
  72. Tim Roth to play villain in The Increadible Hulk!
  73. Ice Hockey World Championship Thread 2007
  74. The best Flash animations ever~
  75. Hotel (amazing short manga)
  76. Alucard in danger!?
  77. A-cen
  78. Smoking to affect movie ratings system
  79. Can it be drunk thread tiem nao plz?
  80. Mickey Mouse joins Hamas
  81. Dexter
  82. Eurovision 2007
  83. "Ironic" and "Coincidental" are not synonymous!
  84. 28 weeks later
  85. Where the White-man went wrong
  86. Jerry Falwell (1933-2007)
  87. Smallville Season 7 Wooooo
  88. Armed police raid home after mistaking Lara Croft dummy for gunman
  89. Authorities cut Paris Hilton's jail term
  90. The greatest soda ever made is finally back
  91. De Niro and Pacino working together again
  92. King of Fighters movie coming
  93. I Believe In Harvey Dent, Too!
  94. Korean transsexual singer ties the knot
  95. Senator rear-ended her own vote.
  96. Fleshlight?
  97. PM notifications and other forum problems
  98. I think I have a stomach Ulcer
  99. Smartphones
  100. Any poker players here?
  101. Favorite ice cream flavor
  102. 3 minute JOhn Rambo trailers
  103. Pirates of the Carribean 3 supposedly sucks badly
  104. Broken Sword Movie
  105. He-Man movie lol
  106. Cat grows wings
  107. Monster pig killed, biggest pig ever recorded, bigger than hogzilla!
  108. Carnivale
  109. Dirty Little Mermaid
  110. Lohan charged with drink-driving
  111. Train Kills Man Trying to Kill Woman
  112. THE sports thread(MMA, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL etc)
  113. What's up with the Search feature?
  114. Sheehan resigns as leader
  115. Miss Universe 2007
  116. Tiger Odin WILL find you
  117. Telescopes
  118. Sony pwns TV technology
  119. If you live in Texas, run before your mother kills you
  120. Disgusting Commercial
  121. Why lesbians should be banned from raising sons
  122. Happy b-day Pantymon!
  123. So I tried jogging today
  124. Knocked Up
  125. Starwars Clone Wars Tv series preview
  126. Happy 25th Nem!
  127. Takeshi Kaneshiro confirmed for Onimusha movie
  128. JFK Airport Attack Prevented.
  129. Will DVDs ever DIE??
  130. Paris Hilton mug shot
  131. Changing the world
  132. Nintendo Short Cuts Showcase
  133. London 2012 Olympic Logo
  134. Main website hacked?!
  135. Girls and computers
  136. D-day Soldiers Dogtags Found
  137. Killer UK
  138. Your acheivements and goals THREAD
  139. World's First Air-Powered Car
  140. Sneak preview of the new bat cycle
  141. Idaho had highest GDP growth in 2006, Michigan only state with declining economy
  142. Meizu's M6se PMP
  144. What is this repuatation thing?
  145. Zomg?!
  146. Does anyone live in the Chicago area?
  147. Owned. Teen Scares Off Burglar With Samurai Sword
  148. "Cold Turkey" DVD
  149. Could Mcmahon really be dead?
  150. Secret films that you like. (Confession time)
  151. Russian Ninja arrested after terrorizing Italy's countryside
  152. Kevin Spacey done with acting!?
  153. How much horsepower do you think the batmobile has?
  154. The new Batsuit
  155. The new Joker car:
  156. I swear women suck at everything. Pun also intended.
  157. If you had all the information in the world (from topic- my cell conspiracy)
  158. Good to see MB still thriving
  159. Drunken's Bar
  160. xenogears 2.0
  161. Who wants to live forever
  162. Happy Father's Day!
  163. Blockbuster to stock only bluray
  164. Michael Moore's SiCKO
  165. The OFFICIAL 'The Dark Knight' Thread
  166. Google to deveolop 100-mpg car
  167. ANIME OPs
  168. DeNiro and Scorsese back together again ...
  169. Should it concern you?
  170. Extreme Unicycling
  171. Can you spot a real smile?
  172. Aussies repelled five gunboats
  173. The rep thing is buggy
  174. People who are getting married under the age of 20
  175. Facebook MagicBox people unite
  176. Hey douches, you can have more than 5 replies per page, lol
  177. All New Getting @%&$@# Up Game
  178. Ventrilo Abuse, - LAWL!!!
  179. Wimbledon 2007.
  180. Back from Evo North: Mid West Challenge 2007
  181. Happy Birthday Camac!
  182. Rank the summer movies!
  183. People who steal are bad people...
  184. Bye Blair!
  185. Light Our Darkest Hour?
  186. Do you flush before you're done peeing?
  187. 30 years after her divorce, ex wins 200,000 more
  188. Live action dbz movie(s)?
  189. Graduate Degree vs. Undergraduate Degree
  190. So uugh I'm 23 and I'm taking my first chick out
  191. Hans Reiser: Once a Linux Visionary, Now Accused of Murder
  192. Crap! Just found out the U20 World Cup starts...tomorrow!
  194. how is everyone?
  195. Nindalf is going to the army
  196. IPhone sales -- big
  197. Let's get naked!
  198. The Random MUSIC Thread!!1!
  199. I might be moving to the UK!
  200. Newtype, or is it OLDtype
  201. Muqtada al Sadr -- a hardcore video gamer?!
  202. Anime website, come hither!
  203. Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim overtakes Bill Gates as richest man
  204. Transformers
  205. 31 yr. old WoW female player kidnaps her 17 yr. old boyfriend
  206. Alvin and the Chipmunks! THE MOVIE!
  207. Happy 4th of July!!!
  208. Getting around megaupload
  209. Dracula's Castle for sale.
  210. Pizza and porn, perfect combo
  211. Happy birthday, NES4EVER
  212. Ozzfest 2007
  213. Hookers may be the cure to aids?
  214. Grindhouse DVD dates, set in wet concrete
  215. lolololo
  216. Pretty Swell Friday the 13th...
  217. Music Mixing Software
  218. Hitman the movie
  219. Is anyone excited about Harry Potter? -OFFICIAL HP THREAD- - No spoilerzzz!!11
  220. Cover your breasts properly on the bus!
  221. Is it me or....
  222. Happy b-day Djchicknwing
  223. HP, Deathly Hallows SPOILER Thread
  224. Finally! Dow finishes above 14,000; Investors cheer IBM, other upbeat earnings news
  225. What Your School Ranked?
  226. Dungeon Seige trailer
  227. GPS said there was no tree. Driver believed it.
  228. Woman's 11-stone legs may be lost
  229. Canadians taking advantage of the high dollar
  230. Lindsay Lohan forever
  231. King of Kong : A Fistful of Quarters ...
  232. Simpsonize Me
  233. Reboot!
  234. Is this the biggest joystick you ever seen?
  235. Huge wild fire takes Greece and I get a free house!
  236. The Official "I've Seen The Simpsons Movie" Thread! CHUCK FULL OF SPOILERS!
  237. Paris is still a nice girl
  238. Club scene information
  239. Flight of the Conchords
  240. Oh crap. Torrent law in Canada?
  242. I Never Want to Drink Milk Again.
  243. Welcome to the U S S of A
  244. The Pull Up an Old Thread....Thread
  245. Study: Even Infrequent Use of Marijuana Increases Risk of Psychosis by 40 Percent
  246. What's New MB?
  247. Happy Birthday Soba!
  248. Kevin Smiths pwns some guy
  249. U2K is back poisoning the internet
  250. Iron Man comic con leaked teaser!