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  1. The Ultimate Warrior goes off on Ebay
  2. Random Facts Thread
  3. Ode to Van Damme's awesomeness
  4. The bees. Oh the bees
  5. Some of my favourite movie moments of last year
  6. Dracula's special day!
  7. I know what Dracula does while his Castle is in another dimension...
  8. 4chan
  9. freaking tony romo dude................
  10. Rosetta Stone Language Program
  11. LG unwraps slick Blu-ray, HD DVD player
  12. 1 Year On This Forum!!!!
  13. FFX Via purifico - Piano solo
  14. 2.5 Giga Pixel Picture?
  15. Quasar it's you're birthday, Quasar!
  16. OMG!!Leaked Motorstorm 360 footage.
  17. I have net
  18. If you could be any video game character who would you be and why?
  19. Mother who threw children off pier acquitted of murder
  20. I'm Sorry, Joe
  21. Student faces child porn charges
  22. Happy Birthday Angelo
  23. Afro Samurai
  24. Police hunting mystery swordsman
  25. But daddy, I wanted a blue one!
  26. Greek Terrorist group attacks US Embassy in Athens
  27. Im all naked (pixs inside)
  28. Real Life "Bambi and Thumper"
  29. Scary Christian
  30. Teacher faces 40 years for looking at porn at school lolool
  31. Hottest teacher ever to f*** a student? All signs point to yes.
  32. I hate humanity!
  33. B.B. Gambini's trip to the Arcade (involves drugs, run in with the cops, and japs)
  34. Move over. Big Bro is going to drive.
  35. pogo.com
  36. Alucard change your god damn avatar already
  37. Happy Sinful Birthday!
  38. Happy Birthday THE ICHI!
  39. Row over angry, penis-removing doctor
  40. Sex is great!
  41. Which is better: Making Love or Lustful Sex?
  43. did the Mods stop trying?
  44. Allow me to reintroduce myself
  45. This is a prime example of a stupid thread
  46. Worship
  47. It's a Kevin Costner Day
  48. A Song of Ice And Fire......TV!
  49. The Danger of Radical Islam
  50. What do you do?
  51. The forums have been boring lately...
  52. In the event of my demise
  53. 6 of Kevin Bacon: The Thread
  54. Sleep Deprivation
  55. Black Sheep
  56. Lost gamer found by Jack Thomspon..err..SOE.
  57. Zeus makes a comeback
  58. The Other Zues Makes a Comeback!!
  59. How come the Women back then were all ugly?
  60. I want to be a doctor.
  61. Paper Exe
  62. More Jack Thompson wackyness!
  63. New Transformers Photos
  64. This Really Sucks
  65. Gilmore Girls is the best show on TV
  66. In Raw World of Sex Movies, High Definition Could Be a View Too Real
  67. Paris Hilton Exposed... Again
  68. Adventure Time
  69. Live Action Ghost in the Shell
  70. Linux: #1 Operating System in Hollywood
  71. Laughing babys.. brilliant.
  72. How do you like your steak cooked?
  73. Perfect Music Recipe
  74. Any UFC fans?
  75. Ashura
  76. Avatar Request
  77. Why People Believe Americans Are Stupid?
  78. Aqua teen hunger force bomb scare
  79. ADMIN Apreciation Thread!!
  80. Superhero Movie Crossovers
  82. Generator converts waste into energy.
  83. what do boys want for valentines day?
  84. Anyone still watching 'The Batman' other than myself?
  85. Black suger
  86. Why I'm pissed off thread!
  87. Greatest headphones?
  88. *Makes his glorious return*
  89. Poor Britney!
  90. How did you "get into" anime?
  91. $100 fines for walking and gaming
  92. Debate Section, gone.
  93. Booknotes
  94. Anna Nicole Smith dies after collapsing
  95. Shows I miss.
  96. Doom! Goblin and Venoms! OH MY!
  97. Rapist brothers bashed in jail
  98. RPG Voting Tournament Bonus Chrono Trigger vs Xenogears
  99. Nigger Charlie and Boss Nigger!
  100. Do you post at other forums?
  101. So a black guy and some lady are running for president...the beginning of the end?
  102. Cell Phones
  103. You thought movie posters were cool before, HA look at this.
  104. I want a girl who does cocaine
  105. Seems Like I've Been Here Forever!!!
  106. Annoying Devil (funny)
  107. Please give me a logical explanation as to why my thread was closed
  108. All HD titles now exposed
  109. You know what day it is....
  110. American group are trying to steal Canadian freedom!
  111. Batman Sighting
  112. Carlos Mencia Exposed
  113. Anyone ever seen 'The Fog of War'?
  114. 'The Dark Knight' (2008) 'Full' cast list!
  115. GDP growth in Europe smashes expectations
  116. uhm... console specifics? wtf?
  117. Ghost Rider
  118. In my pants
  119. Question: How do I save streamin' web videos?
  120. Britney Spears shaves her head
  121. What kind of car do you drive?
  122. The MagicBox Members' Voting Thread ~ 2007 Edition!
  123. The Departed kicks ass
  124. Whose downfall was more diastrous, Britney or Whitney?
  125. Should we move the Game Reviews forum?
  126. Do you believe Sonic and his friends are...real?
  127. What is your diet like?
  128. College Student Admits to Murdering Two People for Videogame Money
  129. The Random Girls Thread
  130. Gamers make better surgeons
  131. Need to compress something for Youtube
  132. Chimpanzees 'hunt using spears'
  133. And Im back!
  134. Do you think you could successfully plead insanity?
  135. Dear Drunken Savior
  136. Dear Welshfreak
  137. Dear Nindalf
  138. Dear Magic Box
  139. Tigers and Bears doing their best to control China's population
  140. The Banned Camp
  141. A giant worm eats a house in Guatemala :O
  142. son of devil on christian religion?
  143. My Avatar
  144. US Soldiers charged over rape. Again.
  145. Undisputed II: Last Man Standing = Awesome!
  146. I have a confession to make....
  147. Has James Cameron Discovered The Final Resting Place of Jesus Christ?
  148. Happy Birthday welshfreak!!!
  149. Happy Brithday Blind Maphisto!
  150. Academy Awards tonight
  151. Looking to buy complete Dragon Ball series
  152. Boo im becoming a casual gamer! :(
  153. Grindhouse
  154. I'm slamming my head against the desk...
  155. Colossal Squid Story
  156. 9-11: BBC Reported Building 7 Collapsed 20 Minutes Before It Fell (no FinaleSolace)
  157. A trailer made by me.
  158. Happy Birthday diunx!
  159. Blu-Ray v HD-DVD: You decide
  160. Air Force captain gets 50 years for rape
  161. The Steved
  162. Would you approve the genocide of old people to prevent mass starvation?
  163. We're never gonna dance again
  164. Heliodisplay M3 (communication with the Emperor now possible)
  165. When You Joined The Magicbox...
  166. Who deleted my thread?
  167. Happy Birthday Dr. Bombay!
  168. Geico "Cavemen" to ABC
  169. Suicide, its a Suicide
  170. Teacher has sex with 5 students
  171. What's the point in voting?
  172. Copy protect DVD's
  173. New study on kids and violent games
  174. How long did you lurk MB before deciding to post?
  175. MySQL & PHP?
  176. MP3 players
  177. Dont post in this thread
  178. Can you expose Chris Angel?
  179. Anybody recommend some good flash games sites?
  180. SpiderMan 3 complete fight scene with Harry, freakin awesome
  181. Super Hereos Can't DIE!
  182. I dont like you mods very much
  183. Happy Birthyday AmishNazi
  184. Barack Obama pays!
  185. Man Cleared by TV Footage Gets $320,000
  186. Anyone going to see 300 tonight?
  187. Lead singer of Boston dies
  188. Man has sex with cars.
  189. Spiders on Drugs: funny $h!t
  190. Look who mega64 got!
  191. Anyone else excited for Raines?
  192. Who Killed John Oneill
  193. Movies: A couple of commercial flops can kill a genre?
  194. What happens when Trekkies grow up
  195. Only interesting thing to happen in Arizona. Ever.
  196. The Grindhouse
  197. Great school principal or greatest school principal?
  198. Slight Modifiatons
  199. Advice from an old man to a young man.
  200. Happy Drunken Irish Day.
  201. Michigan one ups Ohio on retardation level
  202. UK Bands and other music
  203. Parents and the little things they do
  204. The Secret of NIMH
  205. what what (in the butt)
  206. Better version of the Human Race: Man or Woman?
  207. Dont insult me Drunken Savior
  208. Court hears "Bong hits 4 Jesus" case (POLL)
  209. Even more 'The Dark Knight' rumors!
  210. Fire kills 62 after alarms ignored
  211. POTC 3 Trailer
  212. Your favourite serial killers?
  213. Getting Free Stuff
  214. Carlos Mencia Stealing Jokes From Cosby
  215. The RUSH appreciation thread!!
  216. Happy Birthday Atari-X!
  217. Iran seizes 15 British sailors
  218. The Doctor ordered me to stare at your tits
  219. Highlander: the search for vengeance trailer
  220. Tmnt
  221. Hilary Clinton has already lost the presedential election (proof inside)
  222. Are we one mod short now?
  223. Exchange offer.
  224. I Told You I was Hardcore.
  225. If [insert name here] was a mod...
  226. hey ya'll
  227. Inventor touts Robocop-style armour for use in Iraq
  228. Super Mario Bros3. Toon on DVD.
  229. Metal Gear Solid Movie Update
  230. What happens to a lot of "new members"?
  231. I routinely think about the afterlife.
  232. Slish Spalsh with the GPS.
  233. There Is A God! No More Paul Anderson On Casltevania!
  234. Happy Birthday Seska
  235. George Foreman is ecstatic thread(the trilogy)!!!
  236. Xboxes for guns
  237. I pulled a dale Earnhart.
  238. 17yr old and 10 yr olds attack homeless man
  239. Amazon: is the best deal ever?
  240. Do I have a girl for Gambini
  241. endorphin physics engine, free, check out the movie I made
  242. Happy Feet...
  243. I got glasses today
  244. Helio Ocean vs Apple Iphone
  245. Thanksgiving Trailer released
  246. Free Prescription Charges now in Wales.
  247. Google TiSP
  248. Solid Snake's Myspace (VG Cats April Fools)
  249. April Fools 2007 List
  250. Happy 5th Birthday Magicbox!