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  1. You took the gay quiz, now take the "Sex Quiz"!
  2. The Magic Box mIRC
  3. horror/sci-fi icons
  4. Prove Christ exists, judge orders priest
  5. Welshfreak's Anniversary.
  6. How tall are you?
  7. Canada downs Finland, advances to junior final for fifth straight year
  8. Pick Your Poison
  9. Thieving bastards...
  10. The Return of Futurama?
  11. Are all HDTV (component) cables the same quality?
  12. So Bloodrayne comes out tomorrow...
  13. Who's going to go watch Hostel tomorrow?
  14. Another crap-tastic season of american idol
  15. Nfl Playoffs 2006!
  16. attacked at work! ! !
  17. Wal-Mart screwed up
  18. support my poster in the Silent Hill movie poster contest!
  19. Oops! You're racist.
  20. I actually changed my avatar!
  21. Anyone watch the Boondocks?
  22. Got a Verizon Wireless phone? Like MP3s? To bad!
  23. Best Buy: B1G1 Free on many DVD Seasons
  24. Want a HD TV? Maybe you should hold off.
  25. yeh, well i got bored and then took this colour quiz
  26. Gizmondic Gamer Welcome!
  27. What is your role in the gaming industry?
  28. Falling Sand Game
  29. Annoying people on the Internet becomes illegal
  30. You know you're a 90's kid if...
  31. origami boulder site
  32. a kinda screwed up site
  33. Mouse burns down house in revenge
  34. I think somethings wrong with me
  35. What's the deal with MLK day anyway?
  36. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
  37. Someone Buy This For Me
  38. PPG manga?
  39. Beowulf and Grendel
  40. Bareback Mounting
  41. Man breaks leg while kicking spider
  42. Man gets jail time for burning Australian Flag
  43. And a Happy Birthday to PaladinAngelo!
  44. scientists create green glowing pigs
  45. Jingelbells song played in reverse...wow
  46. China Map Lays Claim to Americas
  47. New Source of Global Warming Gas Found: Plants
  48. Emo kid with toy gun shot by police
  49. Vampire runs for public office.
  50. needs its own thread- this video is funny s**t
  51. Your Favorite War Films
  52. God damn Mexicans are stealing our jobs!
  53. Circuit City video game clearence
  54. legal age of consent- UK-16 US-18 CAN- 14
  55. The OFFICIAL birthday thread for both Sinful Sam AND The Ichi
  56. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG i want. nin sony ms killah
  57. Greatest music video of all time
  58. Billy Jackson blames porn for erectile problems
  59. L blames Kira for Hollywood Remakes Trend.
  60. Pokemon Card Mock Ups
  61. The Widescreen Wallpaper Thread
  62. Best Decade of Music?
  63. Daughter shut away for three decades in bathroom.
  64. The Official New Technology Thread
  65. Good News Everyone! Futurama IS back!
  66. Pick a print for Series II
  67. Sex.com Sold to Escom LLC For $14M
  68. Turn and old scanner into a 115 megapixel camera
  69. So why do people drink beer?
  70. Susanne Osthoff Caught with Ransom $
  71. Underwater "lost city" found in lake
  72. And a Happy Birthday to Paper!
  73. 20 ways to annoy people while watching LotR
  74. how to talk to kids about terrorism...
  75. Get a free piece of land
  76. The Random Website Thread
  77. Chris Penn found dead.
  78. You became the target for murder.
  79. My TV
  80. Sharpton Knocks "Boondocks"
  81. how intelligent are you??
  82. college text books
  83. IPod Nano **Free** (BANNED!)
  84. Football Thread (Soccer)
  85. Scientists develop bird flu vaccine
  86. Using Waterpipes to Create Colossal Ice Structures!
  87. Adolf Hitler Appreciation Thread
  88. NASA climate scientist claims he's been silenced
  89. 60 dead in Polish expo hall collapse
  90. Email masking with CSS
  91. Microsoft Voodoo - Funny Office Pranks
  92. Worlds fastest hard disk! [Also Pics]
  93. Ultimate VNC Setup Tutorial
  94. HOW TO - Make a robot from an old computer mouse
  95. Beer Pouring Robot
  96. Get a Valentine's Day Gift pending participation!
  97. Participate in our shopping survey and get CRAP!
  98. Former substitute teacher sentenced for 'whipped cream game'
  99. I'm out
  100. Happy Birthday ALttP!
  101. Amusing email
  102. Librate from bird flu infection
  103. hyper space travel a reality in 5 years??
  104. Analog TV is to stop.
  105. Slovaks: We are not bad people!
  106. 100-Pound Woman Eats 26 Grilled Cheeses In Times Square Contest
  107. Piracy Calculator - How Much Is Your Stolen Loot!?
  108. Disaster Strikes! Ship Sinks in Egypt or something.
  109. The Borat Movie
  110. Stampede at Philippine stadium kills 79
  111. Read from the bible! (PG-13)
  112. Would you read this? Sorry this is kind of long
  113. Robocop
  114. Ive returned. I guess.
  115. Lebanese Protesters Torch Danish Embassy
  116. Go look at the moon.
  117. Appropriate hiphop for a kid
  118. Super bowl lolz
  119. Free $100 BEST BUY GIFT CARD
  120. Request for the administrator
  121. Intimate Dating - Free For Women
  122. Danish Imam, Abu Laban's False Allegations
  123. Scientist discover "lost world"
  124. To the Mod(Or Admin) who decided to drop the minimum character limit to 5
  125. The name of that bank account...
  126. Crashing a wedding
  127. Test Your Nerd Level
  128. Some amazing animal facts
  129. I need some music!
  130. Happy Birthday Kurt Angle
  131. Bubble- A Movie with a Groundbreaking Move
  132. 17 year old Iranian girl sentanced to death
  133. Dick Cheney shoots a man
  134. O RLY R.I.P.
  135. Just over 5000 members.
  136. Admin (Mod?) Request
  137. Valentines day WEEEWOOOO
  138. screw you ******* cheney
  139. Artisitic Protest at Iran's Danish Embassy
  140. Torture Pics Leaked
  141. Uwe Boll latest: He is upset :(
  142. New Lara Croft model announced
  143. So I just listened the most overrated album of all time
  144. Slimline DVD cases
  145. happy birthday DarknessTearv2
  146. Trying to open up a file
  147. Official mistakenly shows porn video to drivers during road rule lecture
  148. 2,500 feared dead in Philippines mudslide
  149. Back to the Future Appreciation Thread
  150. Do you enjoy gaming More/Less than 5-10 years ago?
  151. Drunken builds a bar (the sequel to the poker table)
  152. Andreas Katsulas dies of lung cancer. (G'Kar)
  153. Finland downs Canada in the Olympics(Hockey)
  154. Favorite Shows
  155. US Stuff: Permanent Bases in Iraq
  156. US Stuff: Interesting Comments about Red Attitudes
  157. US Stuff: LOL @ The Liberal Media
  158. To much US Stuff: we need a political/philosophy/religion forum
  159. Where is Mika Myllyl? and Jari Isomets?, Nindalf?
  160. Hell Came to Live With Me
  161. amv with linkin park music
  162. So this isnt the end of the world? one of islams most holy shines has been bombed
  163. My latest noob moment
  164. Gold?s Gym Power Flex
  165. Very Cool Net Radio Site
  166. Captain Corelli's Mandolin is pretty awesome
  167. German court convicts man for insulting Islam
  168. Spider-man 3 : Black COSTUME!!
  169. The HBO series "Rome"
  170. The MagicBox Members' Voting Thread ~ 2006 Edition!
  171. Taking rape to a whole new level
  172. Happy Birthday welshfreak!
  173. Awww. I get a B-Day thread and Blind Maphisto doesn't!
  174. Don Knotts kicks the bucket
  175. Joe I request your help yet again
  176. Bananas in pyjamas...
  177. Ulimate Avengers Was Pretty Good
  178. The Dream thread
  179. Creating links in threads
  180. Man forced to marry goat
  181. 1,000 Posts
  182. Sony TVs KICK ASS!
  183. einstein has been resurected- no seriously!
  184. The Book Thread
  185. Happy Birthday Foolish!
  186. Teacher sleeps with student. Again! lol
  187. I have a rather unhealthy obession.
  188. New Guns N' Roses songs(Part 2)
  189. The Steved! gets a birthday thread!
  190. Holy Crab!!!
  191. HD-DVD & Blu-Ray Pricing
  192. Bye bye!
  194. David Gilmour - On An Island
  195. The mother with one eye
  196. It is sad seeing and accepting this fact.
  197. State bill proposes Christianity be Missouri?s official religion
  198. Aussie prime ministers car egged!
  199. The stupid news thread!
  200. Spider-Man 3 Should Be Like This
  201. If you manage to steal stuff worth over a million, you should get to keep it
  202. My Wedding Dress Adventure (True Story)
  203. So anybody else watch the Oscars?
  204. Turkish retards walk on all fours
  205. I need webspace. Any suggestions?
  206. can anybody read this??
  207. Pandora
  208. NASA to make an announcement about life in our solar system
  209. New Cigarette advertising: Australia
  210. Failure in life is a choice...
  211. Japan's indoor beach
  212. Retarded School News!
  213. Milosevic found dead in his cell
  214. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Freeman! ! !
  215. Chip and Dales MMORPG
  216. How long until you die?
  217. Happy birthday superRSXs and Lord_Yggdrassil
  218. Official Canadian Beer Study shows that beer turns men into women
  219. We have to get Japan laid or else some bad **** involving robots will happen.
  220. Health and Fitness
  221. Reiko8- Happy Birthday
  222. Chuck Norris reads 10 facts about himself
  223. South Park vs Scientology
  224. Man severs own penis, throws it at officers
  225. American government and us...
  226. watch samuel jackson kill snakes with a tazer on a plane- awesome
  227. Spring break!
  228. The Official Movie Thread
  229. French Riots Continue
  230. The Overrated Shiz Thread
  231. Best comic-book inspired animation.
  232. Afghan Sentenced to Death for Converting
  233. Freedom in america
  234. 75-year-old with a garlic fetish becomes top Russian pornstar
  235. The Cooking Thread!?
  236. Happy Norouz (Iranian New Year)
  237. Japan Owning Cuba in WBC
  238. North Korea Says It Can Strike U.S. First
  239. Three Years in Iraq
  240. Disney Buy Pixar?
  241. Happy Birthday AtariX!
  242. New GAMERA movie!
  243. World of Warcraft Guild "Bombs" eFuneral, video + story
  244. Paris Hilton blames language barrier
  245. juggernaut bitch
  246. Why I hate this drug culture....
  247. Obese American Walking to Lose Weight
  248. Appeal made to myspace
  249. More Snakes, More Planes, More Sam
  250. Reebok/Rockport/Greg Norman 40% Off Event