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  1. Is anyone here really human
  2. Fox News Blooper
  3. Tattoos
  4. Color me SHOCKED! Doom movie called "best videogame adaptation yet"
  5. Jail for Cat Killer Mum!
  6. All Hallows Eve
  7. Hey for you poker players..
  8. Sex scenes with wife challenged Dafoe
  9. Something about FF7 AC
  10. Teh Jack-O-Lantern Thread!
  11. Any Sevendust fans?
  12. Blu-Ray Camp wins over Warner Bros
  13. Seen a Good Deal??
  14. The History of these Great Forums
  15. any linkin park fans?
  16. omigosh DOOM the movie *SPOILERZ*
  17. america freedom, versus peoples freedom
  18. Grade "A" Arse Kissing
  19. ??? Guess the sex ???
  20. Garo
  21. Poker
  22. I feel humiliated! (I could hardly sleep and feel bad all day, because of this)
  23. I'm hungover. Go away!
  24. sealand.....only free nation in the world :D
  25. Whered Stalin go
  26. Posting Movies and Other Files on MagicBox
  27. Trying to find a song from Red Dead Revolver
  28. I like Desperate Housewives
  29. Yugioh fans
  30. Rosa Parks Passes Away at 92
  31. happy b day Anime Bri
  32. Teh tpyo trhaed
  33. Funny British Police
  34. Video Ipod!
  35. Last Post
  36. If you like Regae
  37. Man killed in British race riot.
  38. What's your favorite season?
  39. Where babies come from - German style
  40. Can we have a banning thread?
  41. Superman is a Dick
  42. 4,689 Magicbox forum members and counting!
  43. My milestone
  44. Jessica Alba's Scary Halloween Costume!!!
  45. Anime on UK TV
  46. Just another angery thread
  47. TCM showing Ghibli films in January
  48. Joke Thread
  49. The Future of these forums....
  50. Your DVD Collection.
  51. The Crazy-ass spam mail thread!
  52. Time to switch back to normal
  53. The Magicbox physical location database!
  54. Man breaks his own penis
  55. Solar panels?
  56. Castlevania movie - it's going to suck!
  57. Man Sues Home Depot...
  58. The 30000 calorie Sandwich :O
  59. Bio, Biotch
  60. New Cellphone! Plus a story of lust, dispair, and vengence.
  61. Clerks 2: The Passion of the Clerks
  62. Happy Anniversary! (to me)
  63. heading to the dessert
  64. Flint Marko is in Spider-man 3!
  65. Happy birthday folken001, stokesy, Dark-SMOKU
  66. Ever eat food after the expiration date?
  67. Nindalf Hits 6,000
  68. United v Chelsea
  69. for those of you that arent banned
  70. Bag of human remains found inside dead body...
  71. Woman crashes car....into a electricity substation......full of bees.
  72. 23 deaths in Brazil blamed on Bats!
  73. divx dvd player help
  74. Come on Anime Fans name that Anime!
  75. Hello, everyone! A small question...
  76. Dr Who
  77. Happy Birthday Mistatee!
  78. Putting a Bitch Back in her Place!!1!1
  79. Happy birthday FinalSolace2!!!
  80. Head vs Penis
  81. R.I.P. Eddie G. 1967-2005
  82. Procrastination...
  83. Hey, a police officer told me to check your mouth with my cock!
  84. Black box and the future?
  85. whats the most pain you've felt?
  86. Happy birthday Daniel4802!!!
  87. Hey Nin
  88. Damn....my brother is turning into a grumpy turnip...
  89. the living dead just broke out in america- READ THE NEWS NOW!!!
  90. Show us your paint skills!
  91. Where/How do you live?
  92. VuGo is the watered down psp?
  93. Long-Awaited Beer With Bush Really Awkward, Voter Reports
  94. 30 Chuck Norris facts
  95. Ewww! In-breds!
  96. Happy Holidays!
  97. Vegettos Berserk pictures thread
  98. A sort of legal question
  99. Mistatees Creepy Creepy Stuff, that is more sad then creepy
  100. Harry Potter and teh Goblet of fire!
  101. Why I love REI
  102. Justin Credible
  103. You guys okay?
  104. Do You Read While You're on the Toilet?
  105. CIA's Interrogation Techniques Described
  106. Americans
  107. A stupid question
  108. Happy birthday garbiel!
  109. anyone have the MP3 for this?
  110. Rob Reiner exposes his hypocritical side, opposes new tax on smokes.
  111. Happy Birthday Alucard ^_^v
  112. The Phantom Appreciation Thread
  113. CNN puts a black X over Dick Cheney's face during live speech
  114. AtariX, clear your PMs!
  115. The MAGIC BOX Secret Santa - 2005
  116. Nepal Boy Called Reincarnation of Buddha
  117. The Ongoing Crisis in the Middle East
  118. Arachnaphobia
  119. Happy Thanksgiving!
  120. Why does Johnny Depp rule so much?
  121. I am a pathetic loser with no life
  122. Pray for me
  123. The craziest patient yet!
  124. Pat Morita(Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid) Dies
  125. Nan da yo?
  126. RIP George Best
  127. This is going to sound stupid
  128. Dead or Alive live action movie
  129. Mouse Avoider
  130. What it takes to be a liberal
  131. Michael Jackson converting to Islam
  132. Wales 24 Australia 22
  133. Happy fake Birthday Mxpx!
  134. what kinda TV do you game on? Also Joe, could use some help
  135. Happy B-Day DS
  136. My Swan Song.
  137. Joe Redifer........UNMASKED!
  138. Video Gaming Granny
  139. Suicide Children
  140. CNN Switchboard Operator Fired
  141. David Duke in Syria
  142. Your childhood trauma's
  143. Nigger extermination
  144. Gather around and let me tell you of...
  145. The Dungeon Siege Movie
  146. Typing Game
  147. If you ditched gaming, what would occupy your time?
  148. what your fav song
  149. MoveOn.Org Ad Snaffu
  150. Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat
  151. Bush gets jury duty call, says he is busy
  152. 'Tis The Season !
  153. **** the UPS
  154. Politcal Racism
  155. New death threats against Mohammed cartoonists
  156. Tis the season to shut the **** up and quit whining
  157. I just wanted to say......
  158. Ryu VS. Scorpion (Flash)
  159. Friggen Awesome
  160. How to witness an athiest.......
  161. New Animal Discovered
  162. Xander's Critter Reviews
  163. The Truth About Santa
  164. D'n'B
  165. December 7th.
  166. Manchester UTD :D
  167. Who Moved My Cheese!!!!!!!!
  168. Silent hill teaser trailer- holy effing crap!!
  169. The Making of Anime.
  170. Chronicles of Narnia!!!
  171. Missing 1 Paper EXE
  172. Ebay woes
  173. Richard Pryor - Dead at 65.
  174. I didn't get THAT lost...I guess
  175. Del Toro Favorite To Direct "Halo"
  176. Mobs riot in Sydney
  177. Indianapoils Colts are 13-0
  178. If you could un-invent one thing what would it be...
  179. Dave Chappelle Show Season 3 Being Aired.
  180. How do you .....
  181. Thinkin of getting an iPod Nano
  182. Keith Parkinson dies 47
  183. The Gauntlet: 6 midterms in 48 hours
  184. Hey AtariX, The Giants signed Matt Morris!
  185. The definition Thread
  186. Attention all gamers, the most shocking documentary to hit since Loose change....
  187. Ebay shipping stealth protitutes with each xbox 360- funniest **** all year
  188. Mod reviews and ratings- DS, Joe, Iori, and recent ex mods
  189. Who would make a great mod?
  190. Great news!!!!
  191. Bloody Santa
  192. Miyazaki's son's directorial debut based on "A Wizard of Earthsea".
  193. Anyone like the Boondocks cartoon?
  194. NAACP Head Disses McNabb as a Sell Out
  195. so I saw King Kong
  196. My Crappy Week
  197. Woman 'bashes cabbie', knocks self out
  198. Let's Get Ready to Rumble Aussie Style
  199. New website looking for staff members
  200. Octopuses rule
  201. OK, Now the Christians are annoying me.
  202. TIME Magazine's person of the year
  203. Media Bias Is Real, Finds UCLA Political Scientist
  204. 40 Drunken Santas on Rampage
  205. Hope you are all giving to charity this holiday....
  206. Do you wear glasses?
  207. Stalin Wanted Planet of the Apes Army!
  208. I predict two people will die soon...butchered in bed.
  209. Iran's President Bans All Western Music
  210. Ghost Rider
  211. Judge bans teaching intelligent design
  212. Ultimate Avengers THE MOVIE!
  213. Dances With Wolves is BY FAR the best western ever made
  214. I need some help from the dark side.
  215. How often should you see your Girlfriend?
  216. Poor Mexican President
  217. Happy birthday MarionetteKazuk!!!
  218. Parkour
  219. Favorite Christmas/Chanukah/other stuff Songs
  220. Artists, what media do you use?
  221. A couple of things
  222. Choose your crime
  223. Merry Christmas....
  224. Sorry Seska Joe and Vettego.
  225. What did you GIVE for Christmas?
  226. Hay guyz, turkey vs. ham
  227. What kind of gamer are you?
  228. Why are there always so many guests on this forum?
  229. Funny Christmas music.
  230. Who doesnt have a cell phone?
  231. A present for you from the Magic Box Team!
  232. It's a Wonderful Life is a huge cheesy pile of crap
  233. What did you GET for christmas?
  234. Pac-man the movie. No I'm not #@$*ing kidding!
  235. Next Tuesday, I'm out of here....
  236. Happy Birthday, Omnislash005!!!
  237. hair today,gone tomorrow (cheesy i know)
  238. Where have you been?
  239. Brit Jew Marries Dolphin
  240. Xbox 360
  241. #The-Magicbox's Greatest Moments
  242. Magicbox console product for sale?!
  243. Devilish ****(Hidden Message In A Classic Christmas Tune)
  244. Blue-eyed, Blue-Skied?
  245. Take the "Are you Gay Quiz!"
  246. Naruto video.
  247. New Year is by far the dumbest thing people have decided to celebrate
  248. so what'd yall do for new years
  249. My first new years achievement
  250. Never watch Fun With Dick and Jane