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  1. SW: Shadow of the Empire now on GOG (DRM-Free for 4.79)
  2. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster PC Confirmed, System Requirements Revealed
  3. WinXDVD gives away $169 retail software for free
  4. The beautiful Monster Hunter Online is getting an English patch on May 30
  5. AMD's new $200 VR-Ready (~GTX 980) card
  6. GOG Connect allows you to get DRM free access to applicable games you own on Steam
  7. Square Enix considering Star Ocean 5 PC port
  8. One Piece: Burning Blood for PC launches September 1
  9. $300 to invest in your current PC, what would you get?
  10. Mobius Final Fantasy is coming to Steam, maybe some of you will actually play it
  11. Ghost Recon Wildlands - Tech Test
  12. Gwent?
  13. SSD prices are expected to jump this qtr due to limited NAND supply, surging demand
  14. Atelier Sophie and Nights of Azure coming to PC via Steam on February 7
  15. Planet Coaster
  16. Ni No Kuni II is coming to PC this year
  17. Bayonetta now available for PC via Steam with 4K support
  18. Bayonetta for PC updated with Vanquish teaser
  19. The King of Fighters XIV coming to PC via Steam
  20. Vanquish coming to PC (May 25th)
  21. Get Shadow Warrior 2013 for free at humble bundle.
  22. 20 Cool Command Line Tricks for Windows and macOS
  23. FFXV (early 2018)
  24. Level-5 CEO teases Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch for PC
  25. Final Fantasy 15 PC nude mods are being left "up to the moral sense of all the player
  26. Nioh: Complete Edition coming to PC via Steam on November 7
  27. Rumour: Denuvo causes 30-40% additional CPU usage in Assassinís Creed: Origins
  28. Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age is coming to PC next month with new features
  29. Dead Space is FREE on Origin
  30. Ummm...anyone want some free games?
  31. [Amazon] Titanfall 2 ($5)
  32. Microsoft surprise releases Miami Street for Windows 10
  33. Shenmue 3 PC Takes More Storage Than Witcher 3 And Skyrim Combined
  34. *gasps* Marvel Heroes Online might come back!
  35. I have some Magic: The Gathering Arena Closed Beta codes
  36. Old pc woes
  37. Hey Gamesack. How about a review of this when it's out.