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Dragon Quest Heroes

Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: PS4, PS3
Genre: Action RPG
Origin: Japan
Release: Feb 24, 2014


New screenshots of Dragon Quest Heroes revealed new locations, monster coins, magic cannon and monster companions. Cortruda is a fortress, in which you can find the Magic Research Lab; Elsarse Castle is the castle of the Mana Tree where people used to live in peace, but it was changed one day. Labator is a desert city with a battle arena. Shira is a nature place with elves.

When you defeat a monster, sometimes it will drop a Monster Coin, you can use these coins to summon the monster to fight on your side. Certain stages will have Magic Cannon, for you to blow out groups of enemies at once, it's also effective against gigantic monsters.

The two heroes Akuto and Mehr can use magic spells in the game, Akuto can use fire element magic while Mehr uses ice element magic, the MP gauge will refill slowly as time passes. Combos will be simple to execute like in Dynasty Warriors.

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