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Grand Theft Auto V

Publisher: Take Two Interactive
Developer: Rockstar Games
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Genre: Action Adventure
Origin: Japan, North America, Europe
Release: Nov 18, 2014 [PS4/XBO], Jan 27, 2015 [PC]


Rockstar Games' "HD remaster" version of Grand Theft Auto V will be out for PS4 and Xbox One on Nov 18, the PC edition will follow on Jan 27, 2015. The HD remaster version will include new weapons, vehicles, activities; more wildlife, denser traffic, new foliage system, enhanced damage and weather effects. There will be over 100 additional new songs and DJ mixes. The game will also include all current content of Grand Theft Auto Online.

For current Xbox 360 and PS3 owner of the game, you can transfer your character and saves to the new version.

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