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Resident Evil HD Remaster

Publisher: Capcom
Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, PC
Genre: Survival Horror Adventure
Origin: Japan, North America, Europe
Release: 2015


Resident Evil HD Remaster will be coming to previous and current generation consoles in early 2015, the game is based on the GameCube version from 2002 with new visual, gameplay elements, and additional stories. The PS4, Xbox One and PC version will have graphics in 1080p at 30fps, the PS3/360 version will run in 720p at 30fps. All versions will have 5.1 surround sound, 4:3 and 16:9 screen resolution, classic and alternative control schemes support.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 version will launch in Japan on Nov 27 in download formats. PS3 version will also be available in disc format, as well as two special editions: Collector's Package for 4990 yen or Limited Edition for 11,111 yen. The screenshots below are the PS3/360 version.

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