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PS Vita TV Comparison and What's Inside

Publisher: Sony
Platform: PS Vita TV
Genre: Hardware
Origin: Japan
Release: Nov 14, 2013


Here are some side by side comparison screenshots of PS Vita TV with other hardware such as 3DS, PS Vita, Wii U, PS3 and controllers, plus a peak at what's inside the PS Vita TV hardware from 4Gamers. The PS Vita TV has launched in Japan on Nov 14, note that only the Japanese PSN account can be connected, as the North American and European PSN account don't have PS Vita TV support at the moment. However, a good portion of foreign PS Vita games still operate under the PS Vita TV. The PS Vita TV has a Touch emulation layer using the L3 and R3 buttons, it can emulate certain touch events using the two analog sticks on screen, much like mouse pointers. For a list of touch compatible games for PS Vita TV please check the PS Vita TV official website.