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Publisher: Microsoft, Sony
Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Release: Fall 2013


Here is a specs comparison chart between Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the main differences are the GPU cores, peak shader throughput and memory speed.....

FeatureXbox OnePlayStation 4
CPU AMD Custom x86 CPUAMD x86 Jaguar CPU
CPU Cores/Threads 8 Cores/8 Threads8 Cores/8 Threads
CPU Frequency 1.6GHz per core1.6GHz per core
Shared L2 Cache2x2MB2x2MB
GPU Cores 7681152
Peak Shader Throughput 1.23 TFLOPS1.84 TFLOPS
Memory 8GB 2133MHz DDR38GB 5500MHz GDDR5
Embedded Memory32MB eSRAM, 102GB/sn/a
System Memory Bandwidth68.3 GB/s176.0 GB/s
Manufacturing Process28nm28nm
Storage500GB HDDTBA
Second ScreenSmartGlassPS Vita
Internet ConnectionRequiredNo (Optional)
Used Game FeeYesTBA
Backward CompatibilityNoCloud gaming via Gaikai
Cross Game ChatSkypeYes
Motion ControlKinect 2.0DualShock 4, PS Eye
Voice CommandsKinect 2.0TBA
Subscription ServiceXbox LiveTBA