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Media Create Hardware and Software Chart

Publisher: Media Create
From: Jun 11, 2012
To: Jun 17, 2012
Origin: Japan

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Here are the latest Media Create Console Hardware Sales in Japan for the week of Jun 11-17, PS Vita sales jump 300%, thanks to the release of Persona 4 The Golden.

PlatformThis weekYTD
3DS 61,7932,002,398
PS Vita 34,459325,528
PS3 14,673603,597
PSP 9,740424,054
Wii 5,963242,112
PS2 1,23728,323
DSiLL 68924,747
DSi 380 17,998

Here are the latest Media Create Console Software Sales in Japan for the week of Jun 11-17, Atlus' Persona 4 The Golden sold 138k this week, and Lollipop Chainsaw sold 53k....

Game TitlePlatformPublisherThis WeekTotal
01Persona 4 The GoldenPSVAtlus137,076--
02Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D3DSSquare Enix66,434662,946
03Lollipop ChainsawPS3Kadokawa Games53,347--
04Tokyo JunglePS3SCE35,989146,298
05Akiba's Trip PlusPSPAcquire29,505--
06Dragon's DogmaPS3Capcom18,039437,248
07Mario Tennis Open3DSNintendo17,856185,011
08Mario Party 9WiiNintendo16,143433,787
09Lollipop Chainsaw360Kadokawa Games14,422--
10Super Mario 3D Land3DSNintendo9,2441,623,749
11Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Battle DestinyPSVBandai Namco8,82649,122
12Mario Kart 73DSNintendo6,6641,741,745
13Fire Emblem: Kakusei3DSNintendo5,758413,787
14Monster Hunter 3G3DSCapcom5,5691,477,374
15Root Double: Before Crime After Days360Yeti5,450--
16Wii Sports Resort with Wii Remote PlusWiiNintendo3,981961,427
17Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games3DSNintendo3,580183,824
18Gon: BakuBakuBakuBaku Adventure3DSBandai Namco3,208--
19Jissen Pachislot Secrets! Fist of the North Star F - Seikimatsu Kyuuseishu DensetsuPS3Sega3,16321,801
20Wii PartyWiiNintendo3,0712,365,018

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