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Guild 02

Publisher: Level 5
Platform: 3DS
Genre: Various
Origin: Japan
Release: TBA


Here are some new images of Level 5's Guild 02 for 3DS, which includes 3 games from famed producers - Alone, Mushikera Sensha [Insect Tank] and Kaijuu ga Deru Kinyoubi [The Monsters Appear on Friday]. The game also has unlockable features, you can obtain password from Guild 01 to unlock additional content in this game.

  • Alone - from producers Kazuya Asano and Takemaru Abiko who worked on Kamaitachi no Yoru. Alone is a closed environment suspense game in which the protagonist with an amnesia woke up in the darkness and trying to find out where and who he/she is, and what happened.
  • Mushikera Sensha [Insect Tank] - from producer Keiji Inafune. You take control of a tank battalion in the World War II ear, the battalion has been shrunken down to insect sizes, you must battle ants and other insects to survive, and try to find a way to return to normal.
  • Kaijuu ga Deru Kinyoubi [The Monsters Appear on Friday] - from producer Kazu Ayabe who worked on Sony's Boku no Natsuyasumi [My Summer] series. The story takes place in early 1970s, You play as a 10 year old boy who witnesses giant monsters Kaijuu appear every Friday to attack the town, and the heroes would come for rescue every week.