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Soul Sacrifice

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Japan
Developer: SCEJ, Marvelous AQL, Comcept
Platform: PS Vita
Genre: Action RPG
Origin: Japan
Release: Winter 2012


Here are some new screenshots of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's PS Vita action RPG Soul Sacrifice, produced by Keiji Inafune and co-developed with Marvelous AQL and Comcept. In the game you sacrifice your body parts in exchange for powerful weapons, summons and magic. You play as a slave of a violent sorcerer, you were set to be sacrificed and locked away in prison.

In your jail cell you found a mystical tome called the Book of Golam, which has the power to draw its reader in, make them experience what is inscribed within. You will play as a sorcerer to battle against monsters, but the magic you control is governed by arcane principles, great strength comes at a great price. There is magic that springs from the objects around you like wood or rock, also powerful magic that can be obtained through great sacrifice - part of your body or life-force. Keep using strong magic the price you have to pay in return will be immense, you may even cease to be human and become a monster. Monsters were originally human who had succumbed to darkness, using magic according to their desire. Each stage is a twisted world, a product of human desire.

Soul Sacrifice will support 4 players over Wi-Fi or 3G connection. The music will be composed by Yasunori Mitsuda and Wataru Hokoyama.