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PlayStation Vita + Rainie Yang = Big Mess

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Taiwan
Platform: PS Vita
Date: Oct 28, 2011


During a PS Vita Press Conference on Friday, Sony Computer Entertainment Taiwan announced the PS Vita will launch in Taiwan on December 23, at the conference SCET's new spokeswoman Rainie Yang, a well known celebrity in Taiwan, came out and spoke to the media. At the stage when asked about her favorite PlayStation game, Rainie claimed that her favorite is "Super Mario Bros" - a Nintendo game that never appeared on PS platforms.

Her answer wowed the crowd at the press confernece, aware that something went wrong, she started posing to the media to divert the attention. However when she started holding the PS Vita on her hand, she held it upside down, and of course she wowed the media again with her reckless behavior! It seems she is clueless on video games.

Rainie "Hi, I love playing Super Mario Bros. on PlayStation Vita"