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Nintendo 3DS

Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Origin: Japan
Release: February 26, 2011


Japanese weekly magazine Friday has posted an article about Nintendo's 3DS event in Japan last week at Makuhari International Convention Center in Tokyo. The magazine reviewed numerous visitors who played the demo of 3DS at the show. A majority of players said they experienced symptoms of dizziness within 10 minutes of playing. One 30 year old male said he played the Sengoku Musou Chronicles demo, the game felt good at the beginning, but in a few minutes he couldn't take the 3D visual anymore and turned it back to 2D mode.

Many users said viewing the 3DS screens in stereoscopic 3D made them felt a little dizziness and fatigue; some people said you can reduce fatigue by holding the machine in a fixed position. Over half of the people said 3D effects on 3DS will accelerate eye fatigue in a short time, at the beginning they look forward to 3D visual effects on 3DS, but they had to turn 3D effects off in the middle of gaming due to eye fatigue.