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Entaku no Seito: Students of Round

Publisher: Chunsoft
Developer: Experience Inc.
Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: RPG
Origin: Japan
Release: February 2011


Chunsoft announced a new Xbox 360 RPG Entaku no Seito: Students of Round, which is a port of the PC version released in April 2010. The game is a dungeons crawling RPG which takes place in a fantasy world "Alda" with elves, dwarves and demons. You play as the teacher of the Knights of the Round Table tribe, raising your students into Knights of the Round Table, in order to defeat the demon ruler. You will bring your students to challenge desert mazes, forest dungeons and rock labyrinth, and increase your bonds at the same time. There is a Treasure Box Scramble System, if you defeat the enemy with in specified pattern or requirement, you can obtain treasures, otherwise the enemy runs away with the treasure box.